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Mozilla’s annual festival celebrating the open web.
Arrive with an idea, leave with a community.

This page documents the developing progress of the MozFest program and should not be used as a primary source for information on the festival - please refer to the Mozilla Festival website as the primary and main resource for information on the festival.

Mozilla Festival 2017

Save the Date : 27th to 29th October 2017

Location: Ravensbourne College, Greenwich, London

2017 Festival Narrative

Three days each year, we gather together and discuss, debate, create and hack to build a better Internet

We want to do our duty as outlined in the Mozilla Manifesto: Ensure the Internet is a global public resource, open and accessible to all. That means teaching web literacy to more people in more places. It also means asking hard questions about what an ‘inclusive Internet’ really means. We need to actively address the challenges faced by people who don't yet feel they are welcome on the Web. And we mean to do this at the festival.

We have highlighted 5 key issues that are mainstream social issues and these issues will unfold within the festival program

  • Online Privacy & Security - People understand and can meaningfully control how their data is collected and used online, and trust that it’s safe. In parallel, companies and governments work to protect our data and enhance our ownership over our digital identities.
  • Open Innovation - Open is the default: open source and open standards continue to be at the heart of the Internet, and influence organizations and industries products, policies and practices. As a result, entrepreneurs and everyday Internet users can create, innovate and compete online without asking permission.
  • Decentralization - The technologies and platforms people use every day are interoperable and based on open standards. People expect and demand systems that allow seamless flow and transfer of information and content.
  • Web Literacy - People have the skills to read, write and participate in the digital world. Together, these informed digital citizens move beyond just consuming content, to creating, shaping and defending the web.
  • Digital Inclusion - People everywhere can access and have the opportunity to participate in building the entire Internet. Subsequently, everyone on the Internet has the opportunity to access and shape our digital world. The Internet reflects the diversity of the people who use it.

MozFest Spaces

Spaces are physical and thematic learning hubs based around a broad topic. In 2017 we have 6 spaces which people can submit sessions proposals under. They are;

  • Decentralization - The year is 2027: Who owns the Internet?
    • Space Wranglers: D. Vigneshwer 'Viki', Ian Forrester, Tim Cowlishaw, Jon Tutcher, Mark Boas
  • Digital Inclusion - Imagine an Internet that truly puts people first — where individuals can shape their own experience and are empowered, safe and independent.
    • Space Wranglers: Kenyatta Forbes, Hannah Kane, Michael Saunby, Martha Segwick
  • Open Innovation - An open web provides the opportunity to publish and invent online without permission. To keep it this way, the technologies used to run the web should remain transparent and understandable.
    • Space Wranglers: Aurelia Moser, Christos Bacharakis, Raegan MacDonald, Phillip Smith
  • Privacy and Security - Do you fell safe online?
    • Space Wranglers: Stéphanie Ouillon, Brett Gaylor, Mavis Ou, David Ross, Jonathan Kingston, Jen Caltrider
  • Web Literacy - The web is like a garden that we all plant and eat from. We need to consider what we sow as well as what, and how much, we consume.
    • Space Wranglers: Luke Pacholski, Fredrick Sigalla, Julie Neville, Mariana Delgado, Edoardo Viola
  • Youth Zone - For our collective sake, Let your passion create a story, Let your passion design the day, Let that passion fight the cause, Let our voice be heard.
    • Space Wranglers: Dorine Flies, Shwetal Shah, Emrys Green, Andrew Mulholland, Connor Ballard-Pateman

The Space Wranglers leading this key topics are from across our Network, made up of staff and partners. Without their dedication and creativity MozFest 2017 would be a very different festival so MozFest thanks them sincerely.

Theme Wrangling

This year we are proud to announce we will have Artist Open studios at MozFest curated by the digital learning teams at The Tate and Victoria & Albert Museum.

We will also continue to develop theme wrangling which are interwoven themes between our Spaces bringing our participants through the festival narrative. These themes are a selection of sessions but also experiences with a clear learning objective. More information to follow as this piece of the fesitval develops

Road Map


  • Confirm Venue
  • Website Initial Planning


  • Save The Date email


  • Scope New Technology for Schedule and Call
  • Start Hotel Research
  • Initial budgeting


  • MozRetreat - Read more information about the outcomes
  • Festival program initial draft
  • First Wrangler Call
  • Space descriptions first draft


  • Contracts signed for MozFest hotels
  • Open Call for Proposals
  • Website 2017 first release
  • MozFest Week Frame releases


  • Build Production team
  • Start engaging suppliers
  • Review proposal submissions
  • Tickets go on sale
  • Speakers shortlisted
  • Start volunteer recruitment


  • MozPub opens
  • Determine post festival arc
  • Close Call for Proposals


  • Travel Stipend allocation
  • Detailed agenda of MozFest week scheduled
  • Successful sessions informed
  • Asset list and Graphic designs ideas confirmed
  • Accepted sessions appear on the website
  • Night time Socials confirmed
  • MozPub


  • Festival website Live
  • Inital draft of space within venue
  • All risk assessments signed
  • Rooming list to hotels
  • Schedule app live
  • Festival onsite logistics team start
  • Program team in London
  • Volunteer training night
  • Final space layout confirmed

27th - 29th October



  • Program Team Feedback Meeting
  • Space Wrangler Feedback meeting
  • Supplier Feedback
  • Feedback form and thank you emails
  • Report out
  • Sleep


MozFest would not exist without our Volunteer Heroes. If you volunteered at previous Mozilla Festivals and/or would like to get involved this year please head to our MozFest Volunteer wikipage