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MozRetreat 2019

Barcelona, Spain

Each year we bring together a group of volunteer wranglers from across different disciplines and geographies to design the festival narrative. We will gather this year's wranglers together for a 3-day retreat in Barcelona from the 7-9 May. Wranglers help expand our horizons, deepen our knowledge and help us shape the questions that matter. In turn, these questions will fuel the conversations, sessions and work at MozFest.

MozFest 2019 will showcase 5 internet health issues, with a special focus on Mozilla Foundations 2019 theme, Better Machine Decision Making. To engage with this theme, we will direct our audience of 2500+ to share personal reflections on how AI affects them personally, at work, and within their communities on and offline across the 7 days of the festival.


MozRetreat is the first stage of the wrangler journey, where we will connect, explore and collaborate on the narrative around which the festival weekend will be framed. The MozRetreat is an opportunity for everyone to get to know each other, share their skills and start to collaborate on the design of MozFest. Through a series of workshops, talks and extracurricular activities this group will start to design the different spaces of the weekend, and review the festival frame.

Confirmed Attendees

Seasoned Wranglers and process supporters

Sarah Allen, Jenn Beard, Abby Cabunoc Mayes, Emrys Green, Jairus Khan, Dervla O Brien, Winnie Makokha,Zannah Marsh, Kade Morton, Andrew Mulholland, Angela Plohman, Chad Sansing,Ross Schulman, Ashlyn Sparrow, Caro Tejada, Tendai Tirivanhu, Joseph Thomas, Jon Tutcher, Lucie Click, Marc Walsh and Stephanie Wright

New to the team for 2019

Pablo Aguileram, Elpiniki Apostolaki, Evelyn Arellano, Monica Bonilla, Mariona Aloy Ciller, Lucie Click, Eric de Hass, Alia Ali ElKattan, Genevieve Fried, Sean Gilroy, Kristina Gorr, Leena Haque , Aoibheann Managan, Iseult Managan, Varoon Mathur, Dr Chao Mbogho, Grace McPherson, Bhuvana Meenakshi, Anouk Ruhaak, Slammer, Philo Van Kemenad, Sarah Watson and Paul Zenke.

Wrangling for 2019 but unable to attend MozRetreat

Andy Forest, Blaise Aboh, Cheekay Cinco, Fanny Hidvégi, Caroline Sinders, Berhan Taye, Jennifer Steele, and Ahmed Razek.

This group of incredible voices is from 16 countries and counting, and come from a variety of organisations such as AI Now Institute, Orodata Science, Digital Rights Network of Mexico, Aspiration Tech, Open Technology Institute, BBC, Upstart projects, UC Berkeley, Code for Africa, Revolving Door,Causa y Efecto, APC women rights program, Soko Tech, Weston Game Lab, Access Now and Mozilla staff, Awardees and Fellows.


We are excited to return to the city where the festival first took place in 2010.


Overview of days and estimated timings are outlined below. Please note exact locations and addresses have been shared in travel emails, and we will send out daily updates while in Barcelona.

Day one is about grounding, in the city, the venue and as a group. We will get to know who is the room, and talk about the MozFest journey of the last 10 years.

Day two is about the issues, the theme and the festival narrative of 2019. We will start to explore the impact this group will have on the festival frame and in designing the Spaces.

Day three will be focused on where from here, what the next 5 months will look like, and the responsabilities of this wrangler cohort.

Monday 6th May
All day Travel day
18:00 Welcome dinner
21:00 Dinner ends
Tuesday 7th May
11:00 Opening Circle
13:00 Catered lunch
14:00 Afternoon sessions
18:00 Retreat day ends
18:30 Dinner
20:00 Talk: AI and its impact in our lives- 2 persectives
Wednesday 8th May
09:00 Morning sessions
12:30 Catered lunch
14:00 Afternoon sessions
18:00 Retreat day ends
19:00 Kitchen party
Thursday 9th May
09:00 Morning activities- sign up ahead of time
11:00 Morning sessions
12:30 Catered lunch
13:30 Afternoon sessions
16:30 Closing circle
17:00 Documentation sprint
19:00 Closing special dinner

Local area and tips

An example of the Europlug power adapter (By SomnusDe, Public Domain)
Local Info

Spain is in the Eurozone so their currenty is the Euro (EUR), however the vast majority of shops take credit and debit cards.

When using a credit or debit card, sometimes the card machine will ask you if you would like to charge the card in your local curreny or Euros. Depending on the charges from your bank it more often works out cheaper to charge in Euros as the exchange rate offered is not as good as the interbank rate.

Spain uses Europlug (Type C) power adapters, these are similar in style to shaver adapters. Please make sure that you bring the correct adapters we will have a limited amount on site. One top travel tip, if you have a lot of devices to charge, bring one travel adapter and then a multiway extension lead!

Metro and Train Tickets

On arrival in Barcelona, you will need to purchase a ticket from the Airport to your stop for the hotel. There is a single ticket available specifically for Airport transfers into town which costs €4.20. These are available from the Aeroport rail station on the ticket machines where in the bottom right you can change the language from Spanish to English (British Flag) or French (French Flag). We will reimburse you for this and will send over details of how to put in the expense claim soon.

Once in town, we'll have single journey tickets available for you to use. Let Marc Walsh know if you require one.


Barcelona in May normally experiences highs of 23°C (75°F) and lows of 14°C (57°F) and is relatively dry. Please dress in layers, as some events may occur during the cooler evening, and prepare for some intermittent rain.

Internet Access

WiFi is available at your hotel and at the venue. On check in to your hotel, the front desk should also inform you of the wifi SSID and password (which is normally also printed on your room card).

Barcelona Safety Tips

Barcelona is a city steeped in history, really beautiful, and attracts millions of tourists every year. We will be traveling as a big group and will attract attention. Please be mindful of being a good visitor while we are exploring the city; Be respectful of city rules, and always keep an eye on your personal belongings.

Community participation Guidelines

The Mozilla Festival respects Mozilla's community participation guidelines. These guidelines cover our behaviour as participants at MozRetreat.

How to treat each other

  • Be respectful and value each other’s ideas, styles and viewpoints.
  • Be direct but professional; we cannot withhold hard truths.
  • Be inclusive and help new perspectives be heard.
  • Appreciate and accommodate our many cultural practices, attitudes and beliefs.
  • Be open to learning from others.
  • Lead by example and match your actions with your words.

The following will not be tolerated: violence and threats of violence; personal attacks; derogatory language; unwelcome sexual attention or physical contact; disruptive behaviour; influencing unacceptable behaviour.