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Mozilla’s annual festival committed to the pursuit of Trustworthy AI.
Arrive with an idea, leave with a community.

This page documents the developing progress of the MozFest program and should not be used as a primary source for information on the festival - please refer to the Mozilla Festival website as the primary and main resource for information on the festival.

Mozilla Festival 2023

Save the Date : 20th to 24th March 2023

MozFest will continue as a virtual event 20-24 March 2023, with the exciting addition of in-person, global events in a few strategic locations:

  • in Amsterdam, Netherlands for MozFest House (dates tbd)
  • in Kenya with our Mradi friends (dates tbd)

2023 Festival Narrative

The Collective Power Of People

Central Issues:

Read more about the narrative and central issues in this blogpost.

MozFest Spaces

Spaces are thematic learning hubs based around a broad topic. Spaces were determined by the 2023 cohort of Wranglers at the Wrangler Retreat in Amsterdam in October.

The Space Wranglers leading this key topics are from across our community, made up of staff and community leaders. Without their dedication and creativity MozFest 2023 would be a very different festival so we thank them sincerely.ubmi


We will continue to develop "experiences" which are interwoven between and across our Spaces bringing our participants through the festival narrative. This year's experiences fall under the following themes:

Submit your proposals before December 16th!

Road Map


  • Wrangler program kickoff


  • Wrangler Retreat in Amsterdam



  • Call for Proposals closes


  • Sessions confirmed


  • Schedule released


  • 20-24 Festival live!


  • Feedback Meetings with program team, Space Wranglers and suppliers


  • Feedback Meetings with program team, Space Wranglers and suppliers


  • Lie in :)


MozFest would not exist without our Volunteer Heroes. If you volunteered at previous Mozilla Festivals and/or would like to get involved this year, sign up for the MozFest newsletter to be notified when our call for volunteers opens for MozFest 2023