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This page has been archived and its contents may be out of date.

This page lists the overlap of pages on www.mozilla.org with pages on other sites.


About content on mozilla.com

About Mozilla

What Is Mozilla?

Get Involved

  • Already hosted on mozilla.org

Press Center

Note: Should we migrate this or keep as Firefox Press Center?


Note: What we do with pages about the various organizations will determine how we handle this.

Careers Buttons

Note: Move to affiliates section on Spread Firefox maybe?


Note: Should this page be about Firefox partnerships or Mozilla partnerships?


  • Already hosted on mozilla.org


  • Can be linked to on mozilla.org in many places (home page, about section, universe map...)


  • Can be linked to on mozilla.org in many places (home page, about section, universe map...)

Logo Guide

Note: As a guide specifically about the Firefox logo it should probably stay on Firefox site.


Note: Could be fine having duplicate Contact pages instead of redirecting.

Legal Disclaimers and Limitations

Note: Community wide legal and policy docs should be on mozilla.org such as the Mozilla trademark fraud report form (a Firefox trademark fraud report form would fit on a Firefox site).

Other content on mozilla.com

Some of this content may be duplicate content as well.

Many Faces/Community



There is some duplication of legal pages, such as the privacy policy, and some other things that might belong on mozilla.org if it deals with a broad community wide set of issues.


Get Involved

See bug 524509 and bug 537925

Mozilla University

See bug 479262