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Meeting Details


  • Introductions
  • Report back: Town halls and giving contributors more of a voice
  • Report back: Are more people coming to test days because of new QA video?
  • Prep for upcoming events: Contribute Booth @ Mozilla Festival, MozCamp Europe, MozCamp Asia...
  • Discussion with Casey about his experiences starting to contribute to webdev projects
  • Discussion with Josh about his idea for creating a prototype page to help people pick good first bugs

Action Items

  • Juan and Marcia to wrap up new QA contribute video
  • David to report back on progress of Get Involved form fixes
  • Casey to report back with a write-up of his experiences of starting to contribute to webdev
  • Josh to report back on his prototype
  • David to report back with updates on Steward program (and feel free to contact him with additional feedback)