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This page has been archived and its contents may be out of date.

This page is being used as a planning document for updating and expanding the history content on If you are interested in helping us preserve and present Mozilla's history, feel free to add comments or suggestions to these planning pages.

Short-term Planning

In the short-term we should look at updating the existing history related pages and adding new ones as needed instead of planning to do any major restructuring of this information.

History page

To do: Fill in gaps and bring up to date (currently stops in 2005) and add 1 or 2 paragraphs to intro to provide a high level narrative of the organizational structure of Mozilla. (Asa/David/Mark/Mitchell)


Key points to cover:

  • Mozilla started as a community project in 1998 (not an organization)
  • Formed Foundation in 2003 to champion the public benefit nature of the Internet
  • Moved on to champion openness and participation on the Internet over subsequent years
  • Include Mozilla Manifesto in the history

Timeline page

To do: Review and fill in any gaps. This should be fairly up to date though since we worked on this recently. (Asa/David)


  • Key question: call this page 'education' now, or wait? Even though we already have a page called 'university', I feel the 'university' label is both too narrow and promising too much. [-ms]

Mozilla's Contribution page

To do: Consider making a page dedicated to how Mozilla has given pack to open source and/or to the wider public good. Text from the brochure could possibly be reused and expanded, such as "Supporting open source communities, including Cairo, SQLite, LittleCMS, Dojo, Miro™, Perl™, and Breakpad." This information might also initially fit on the Activities page. (Asa/David)


  • Name: 'Mozilla Contributions' or 'Mozilla Innovations'?? [-ms]

Foundation's Grants page

To do: Add information about grants that the Mozilla Foundation has made over the last few years. Frank has blogged about this information, so we just need to capture that and add it to the site. It could also be interesting to have follow up information or contributions by grant receivers to expand on the content.

Long-term Planning

In the long term we could completely rethink the way we are presenting history information on the site. For instance, we might have an interactive SVG-based visual timeline that provides hooks for hosting all historical information in one place instead of on several pages. Feel free to leave suggestions or ideas here.