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Mozilla Parks logo brief


Create a logo and wordmark that can be used for the new Mozilla Parks program.


Firefox uses national parks as code names for its different releases (Shiretoko, Namoroka, etc.). We've started using this connection to raise donations to support physical commons just as the Mozilla community supports digital commons. Our first effort here is for Namoroka Park:

We are considering expanding this program to include other parks as well as beaches (Thunderbird uses beaches as code names and can be considered marine parks).

To accommodate a wider range of parks we'll need to expand on the visual identity of the program. The current Namoroka page features a prominent lemur that is found in that park, but this can't be carried over to other locations. We may continue to do park-specific design as well, but we'd like a general Parks logo that we can use to cover the program as a whole.

To get an idea of what an expanded Parks program could look like there is a draft landing page that links to both a park and a beach sub-page at


The text should use the Meta font.

Relevant Examples

Firefox logo

Jetpack logo

Raindrop logo