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The objective of the Tumucumaque project is to raise a gift for the park that Firefox 4.0 is named after.

About Tumucumaque

Tumucumaque National Park


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<hed>Tumucumaque Park <dek>In the heart of the Brazilian Amazon is a huge park with the world's richest concentration of wildlife and a home to endangered jungle cats like the Jaguar. It is also the code name for Firefox 4.

The Amazon basin is one of the world's most biodiverse ecosystems. Thousands of plant species, millions of types of insect, hundreds of kinds of fish, more than a thousand varieties of birds, and over 300 different mammals call the Amazon rainforests and savannas home. Teeming with life, the Amazon also provides building supplies and medicines for the entire world.

Mozilla's mission is to build a better Internet -- one that is big and diverse and protected from harm. Like Tumucumaque is a physical commons that protects the Amazon's biodiversity, Mozilla strives to keep diversity in the digital commons alive and well. To honor this, we fundraise for these namesake parks during our product releases.

For Firefox 4, we've chosen Tumucumaque, the world's largest tropical rainforest park in the Amazon region of Brazil. Taking up more than 9.5 million acres in northeastern Brazil, Tumucumaque National Park is the first national park formally established by the Government of Brazil, and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

While many of the forested areas of the Amazon have been harmed by unregulated gold mining, logging, and wildlife exportation, Tumucumaque has become a sanctuary for endangered species like macaws, white-bellied caique parrots, harpy eagles, giant anteaters as well as the Amazonian cats the jaguar and cougar.

To help keep biodiversity in balance in the Amazon, Mozilla has partnered with the WWF to support their conservation efforts in the Amazon as well as help them harness the powerful advocacy and fundraising tools of the Internet.

While you're enjoying the web like you've never experienced before with Firefox 4, help us support the WWF and the biodiversity of Tumucumaque. Help us raise $25,000 to protect the Brazilian Amazon.

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