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The Projects section is in relatively good shape today, but there is room for improvement.


There are a number of project-related links that are featured poorly or not at all on this page. Specifically:

  • Add-ons (currently a section at bottom of page)
  • Security Announcements (hosted on but currently a floating directory not in site structure) Note: we'll want to add new Security nav and breadcrumbs to those pages when we do this.
  • Support (link to this currently in About section but it doesn't feel right there)
  • Parks (we'll be doing ongoing parks pages tied to project code names and need a place to feature these)
  • Marketing -- spreadfirefox, spreadthunderbird...
  • Mozilla's mission (all of these projects exist to promote the mission so we need to highlight that somewhere. Currently this is done in sidebar but that might need to move with more promos on page)
  • Powered by Mozilla (the current Powered by Mozilla button in the sidebar doesn't necessarily need to remain since it's mostly relevant for the Mozilla-based Applications page.)


  • Mozilla Applications (change to Mozilla Products?)
  • Mozilla-Based Applications
  • Mozilla Drumbeat Projects
  • Mozilla Labs Experiments
  • Mozilla Technologies
  • Mozilla Specifications (not really projects)
  • Add-ons (moved to promo area)

Thoughts on a Mozilla Products category: The current Mozilla Applications and Mozilla-Based Applications categories seem really confusing to me and I wouldn't expect most people to understand the difference between the two. Having a Products section and then a section for all other applications using Mozilla technology seems simpler, although it blurs the distinction of the historical Mozilla Application distinction. Perhaps a solution here is to give Camino, Sunbird and SeaMonkey permanent status in this section and then rotate in two other applications every other month? Bugzilla wouldn't fit in this section though since it doesn't use Mozilla technology. Instead of creating a Mozilla Developer Tools section, I'd recommend leaving it in the Mozilla Products category.

Footer Links

The links to the Projects in the footer are currently the Mozilla applications plus add-ons. I suggest going with the following when the page is updated:


The Projects directory has lots of old content that should be archived or migrated, although projects are still welcome to keep pages there if they'd like (the assumption is that since is harder to edit than MDC or the wiki or many other options most projects would prefer hosting their content somewhere else).

List of all content in projects directory:

Other Thoughts

We need to do a better job linking the projects to the mission in the text, so this means rewriting/combining the introduction and sidebar.

The anchor links take up a lot of space as is (although the list will get a little shorter) so there may be ways to use this space better. Maybe simply using a two column layout here? Maybe not having anchor links and instead collapsing everything up and then letting people expand what they're interested in?

Should page title be Our Projects instead of Featured Projects to sync with link in global nav?