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Webdev has suggested we consider having rolling regular releases instead of adding things to the site in an ad hoc fashion to make scheduling resources easier. We'll follow SUMO's Kitsune roadmap as a template.

Proposal: Establish bi-monthly releases with the details of each release determined at a regular site planning meeting.


  • Bug list
  • Major tasks:
    • Prepare for Firefox 4 launch
  • Timeline:
    • Code freeze: Feb. 18, 2011
    • Push: Feb. 22, 2011


  • Bug list
  • Major tasks:
    • Prepare for Firefox 4 launch
  • Timeline:
    • Code freeze: Feb. 3, 2011
    • Push: Feb. 8, 2011


  • Bug list
  • Major tasks:
    • Prepare for Firefox 4 launch
  • Timeline:
    • Code freeze: Jan. 20, 2011
    • Push: Jan. 25, 2011


  • Bug list
  • Major tasks:
    • Prepare for Firefox 4 launch
  • Timeline:
    • Code Freeze: January 6, 2011
    • Push: January 11, 2011


A list of high-level milestones for mozilla.org in 2011 in no particular order.

  • Switch www.mozilla.com/firefox content to www.mozilla.org/firefox
  • Launch membership, Firefox 4 and other pages as needed
  • Resolve content overlap with mozilla-europe.org
  • Sync/integrate mozilla.org and mozilla.org/firefox backends
  • Move mozillamessaging.com content to mozilla.org/thunderbird
  • Migrate legacy content out of Mozilla section
  • Create mozilla.org/drumbeat pages
  • Launch unified design across Mozilla, Firefox, Thunderbird, Drumbeat sections
  • Add dynamic content areas on key pages
  • Create processes and guides for mozilla.org that can be used by wider universe (common footer, mozilla web font, performance tips, etc)

Quarterly Goals

Open Questions

  1. Implementing big improvements with as little transition needed as possible (Improvements to SVN workflow & git on the server end, git-svn for pulling in localizers) (James)
  2. The future of Kubla (James)
  3. How and when can we enhance our SVN setup to code freeze and release code? (James)
  4. Discussing what state trunk is in -- is trunk authoritative? can we clobber production and stage and recreate these branches from current trunk to reestablish a fork revision? (Morgamic)
  5. When should we have work week? (Laura; sent Doodle poll)

Answered Questions

1. How do we best handle "one-offs" - defined as changes tied to a moving date that falls between our scheduled releases? These will be fairly common; I'd estimate there will be 2 small "one-offs" every cycle.

Here's one good current example of what I'll call: "The Case of the One-Off":

PMMs want a promo on the homepage to support Firefox Beta 9. Beta 9 probably goes live 5 days after our first scheduled site release. It's a very small task. There's enough of a business case to warrant precious webdev time. Now how do we: 

a) Flag this as a one-off and prioritize this in Bugzilla properly

b) Make sure this gets assigned to a webdev-er and that that developer properly works this one-off into their sprint alongside their normal scheduled programming

c) Budget for these so they stop feeling like favors. These are constant changes that happen when software schedules are unpredictable (even though we'll get better). Perhaps we reduce the amount of bugs in each sprint in order to budget for two "one-offs" each cycle?

-A: We'll need to stay fairly flexible, but also work with Engagement/PMM to plan changes farther ahead of time.

2. Should we change the weekly triage meeting to a day that won't fall on a code freeze or release? (Mon, Wed, Fri) - A: Yes, changed to Mondays

3. Next steps on .org/.com merge (Laura/David) - establish dependencies and priorities. Do we have to have elements like staging in place before we merge? What needs to happen before/after the merge? A: Get back to this in mid-march.

A Note On Naming

Right now it is easy to talk about the Mozilla, Firefox and Thunderbird sites since they are different sites. This will get more difficult when this content is consolidated together on www.mozilla.org. To avoid confusion, we can just refer to them as sections instead of sites.

  • The Firefox section is mozilla.org/firefox
  • The Thunderbird section is mozilla.org/thunderbird
  • The Drumbeat section is mozilla.org/drumbeat
  • The Mozilla section is mozilla.org/ (excluding Firefox, Thunderbird and Drumbeat sections)