Mozilla2:Improved Download Manager

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A download manager with resume ability even after Mozilla restart would be fine (already supported in Opera).

  • Download resuming
  • Download Acceleration just like Down Them All, Or may be incorporate Dta in m2
  • Easy way to automaticly use MD5 to check download integrity (maybe by passing the String to the download window (possibily under an advanced button or opened then feature is enabled in the options). No string would mean don't verify)

Silent download feature, for those on slow modems, and downloading large files, slowly enough to not notice a slow down in our connection.

See also: Firefox:3.0_Download_Manager

Componentise Download manager- Give flexiblity of enabling/disabling Download manager

Based on the componentization of software ,enabling/disabling of the in built download manager should be provided. A lot of people used download manager which they feel is much faster and uses thread's to download huge files. This is on the principle of giving the user the freedom of choice and enabling him to use the download manager of his choice.