MozillaQualityAssurance:Download Checker

General Info

  • Developer: Bob Clary
  • Maintainer: Bob Clary
  • Currently Runs: Manually by QA. Can be converted to running automatically on Tinderboxes at some point.


  • For those of you who have set up access to the qa farm and have set up to point to one of the qa servers you can see the code at [1]
  • Sample Results
  • The main steps it executes
    • Depending on configuration, it gathers download links from all.html or from a list.
    • filters the download urls for the specific platform and converts them to point to the site
    • downloads each build using curl.
    • determines the file type (zip, gz, bz2, exe, dmg) and then performs an install depending on the platform and the file type.
    • creates a profile, initializes some prefs and installs spider.
    • loads spider which loads a page <> which collects the data from nsIXULAppInfo and navigator.*
    • posts the info using XMLHttpRequest to a cgi that collects the data on the server. This part is really a kludge using a comma delimited text file for a database.

Run Time: About an hour for each platform.

Some Issues

This approach could be modified to perform other tests such as checking the contents of text files for configuration issues, or performing update tests, or perhaps handing of the installed build off to eggplant so it could run interactive tests.