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Here is a list we can begin with.

We can download the source for the page and the applet and make it runnable without hitting the network. This should then be collected together (a gzipped tar ball would be convenient), and we can put them somewhere TBD.

For now, add these as an attachment to this bug:

Some of these are not going to be findable. We can move those to the bottom of the list and note that.

Some of these are not going to be downloadable. That is fine. We are not trying to break anyone's security. We are trying to make a copy of the resource to ensure we have quick access to it for testing. If something blocks you from pulling an applet down from its page, note this next to the URL.

NASA WorldWind
Anfy Paint
# Constellations -> 404
? Excite Games
FlightTracker -> zombie
Island BookViewer Stock Tracker
Life - LifePatterns
Lycos LiveCharts
Periodic Table of the Elements
SmartMoney MarketMap
Security - Takagi applet
Yahoo Games
JODAS, a Telescope making applet
Visual Thesaurus
Crossword Puzzle - Thinks Games
LiveConnect Test Applet
Mickey Seagal's applets
The Price is Right (Game)
Rubik's Cube
Tiffy View
Frogger - the old one (it's back)
PopCap Games
Hubble Space Telescope image browser
Galaxa game clone Jalaga
Seattle Times Crossword
Slime Volleyball
Typer Shark
Life - French & colorful
Asteroids - big & cool
Brio Marble game "graviton"
Marbles game
Four Letter Words (3D)
Java3D applets from Sun's sample test case list
Pendulum (Liveconnect)
Shopping (https)
Zombie infection simulation
Genetic Tree Finder using the Prim algorithm
The Egg Puzzle by Minoru Abe
Life -fast
Security - Simple Signed Applet
Security - Simple Signed Applet
Cariweb Chat
Security -
Security - segal signed applet
Security - segal signed applet
Coat of Arms
Greg Enan's Applets (various applets)
Asteroids - classic
Physics Applets
Holdem Poker
Diamond Mine
Olympus Java optics tutorial applets
Olympus Java microscope tutorials
Olympus Java photomicrography tutorials
Olympus Java virtual microscopy tutorials
Olympus Java specialized optics tutorials
Santa Cruz SurfCam webcam
Sun Shadow
Mathematica - torus knots
Processing framework
Processing framework
Thinking Chess
Baby Name Wizard
Karl's security applet
Lunar Lander
Missile Command
Artillary game
Age your Face
Falling Sand Game
Hawaii Java 3D Test
Slide rule (new)
Eternity Puzzle edges