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There are many ways to contribute to MozillaWiki.

Getting Started

Create an account

Anonymous editing is disabled on MozillaWiki, so the first step towards contributing is to request an account if you do not already have one. Your request will be reviewed, a process which can take a few hours up to a day. (More information: MozillaWiki:Accounts.)

Log in

Once you have created an account, log in to get started.

MozillaWiki Basics

Built with Mediawiki

MozillaWiki is built with Mediawiki. You can find the manual for it here: [1].

Dev, Stage and Production versions of MozillaWiki

If you want to learn how to use MozillaWiki, but in a non-production environment, you have the option of using one of MozillaWiki's two other server environments.

There are three versions of MozillaWiki:

  • Dev:, the dev wiki where changes are deployed, tested and evaluated for suitability for deployment in production. This is the least stable version of the wiki. It's okay to experiment here, but know that your edits may be overridden or the wiki may become unavailable at any time.
  • Stage:, the staging wiki where changes are staged and tested before pushing to production. This version is more stable that dev, but not as stable as production. It's okay to experiment here, but know that your edits may be overridden or the wiki may become unavailable at any time.
  • Production:, the canonical version of the wiki. This is the most stable version of the wiki and it's where project information should be published and shared.

The databases for Dev and Stage are not automatically synced with Production. Rather, they are manually synced once every 1-3 months. If your user account on Production is older than this window, you can likely log in to Dev or Stage with the same credentials you use on Production. If your user account is newer than 1-3 months, then you'll need to request an account on either server (depending on which one you want to use).

Contribution Opportunities

Below is an outline of contribution opportunities. Please be patient while we improve the documentation for each of these. If you have questions in the mean time, feel free to get in touch.

Improving page categorization

  • adding categories to pages and files
  • improving category pages

Improving page naming

  • flagging pages that should be renamed (moved)

Fighting Spam

  • searching for and flagging spam pages
  • patrolling pages

Improving Documentation

  • updating automatically imported mediawiki documentation
  • writing / updating best practice documentation for how we're using mediawiki on MozillaWiki

Improving Templates

Writing Code

(import a list of bugs?)

Getting Help

There are several ways to contact the MozillaWiki team if you need help.


The IRC channel for MozillaWiki team is #wiki (webchat).

Discussion Forum

MozillaTeam community Meetings

The MozillaTeam twice monthly community meetings are open to anyone interested in contributing to the wiki. Visit MozillaWiki:Team for details.