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Release date: 2 October 2014

Today's MozillaWiki release includes updated interwiki links, new gadgets and a new user group for 'inactive' users.

Updated Interwiki links

There are now mw:Interwiki entries for the following:

Example Usage

Interwiki links allow you to link to other wikis using the double-bracket syntax.

  • MDN (current prefix): [[mdn:Developer Guide/Coding Style]]
  • MDN (legacy prefix): [[mdc:Developer Guide/Coding Style]]
  • Wikipedia: [[wikipedia:Berlin]]
  • Mediawiki: wiki [[mw:Help:Tables]]
  • Wikipedia Commons: [[commons:Commons:Picture_of_the_day]]

New gadgets: HotCat and UTCLiveClock

We installed two mw:Gadgets with this release:

How to enable gadgets

Gadgets are enabled on a per-user basis. To enable either of these new gadgets, visit Special:Preferences#mw-prefsection-gadgets, select the gadgets you want to enable and then click Save.

How to use HotCat

Documentation explaining how to use HotCat: wikipedia:Wikipedia:HotCat#How_to_use.

New group for 'inactive' users

We now have an implicit group for 'inactive' users. Users are 'autopromoted' to this group when they meet the following conditions:

  • account was created over 6 months ago
  • user has made no edits

Users who meet this criteria will be unable to create pages. To regain the ability to create pages, users will need to make 5 edits.

The reason for this change is to protect against dormant spam users. Read more in bug 1065849.


Thank you User:GPHemsley, User:CLiang, and everyone else who reported bugs and helped with this release!

Notice any issues?

If you notice any issues with this release, please report a bug.

If you simply have questions, you are welcome to ask in #wiki on (webchat).

Bugs resolved in this release

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