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Wiki Working Group - 3 June 2014

Previous notes: Contribute/Education/Wiki_Working_Group/Notes/2014-05-20


Agenda / Notes

Need list of folks who will be bureaucrats for bug 1008487 in order to unblock 987187 ^ I will put together a list and add them to ^ Or, maybe not. I thought the extension would email when people requested accounts, but perhaps not.



Here is the list of bureaucrats:

There's pretty good timezone coverage there. Kairo offered to help as well and we can make them a bureaucrats.

Somthign to consider: grant 'confirm' users the ability to approve accounts.

Need to upgrade (security release).

I can email all of the people on that list with a heads up of the change when we're ready to implement.

Scope statement final draft review.

   - New heading "What should I do if I see content on the Mozilla Wiki that shouldn't be there? " how to differentiate between content vs. spam

Let's have a whole meeting to talk about permissions!

Add a heading for license?

   Wiki Research Working Group

Prepare survey for release by end of June.

Recap of WikiConf USA:

Trello board!

Action Items

  • email list of bureaucrats giving them a heads up about confirming accounts
  • christie - schedule meeting to talk about permissions and what to do with legacy accounts
  • christie - rally comments for style guide and set aside time at next meeting to review