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Wiki Working Group - 17 June 2014

Previous notes: Contribute/Education/Wiki_Working_Group/Notes/2014-06-03


  • Christie
  • KaiRo
  • Callek
  • Joelle (Queeniebee)
  • AlisonW (sends apols due to Vidyo 'issues')
  • C.Liang
  • Tanner
  • MarkH (hexmode, on phone)
  • Gordon
  • jd

Agenda / Notes

Cross-Committee Issues

Committee Updates

Research & Development

Systems & Data

Spam update

  • ConfirmAccount implementation
    • Some confusion RE: language (non-native English)
    • Gerv, etc. pinch-hitting
    • need a template text for rejecting / approving people
  • Should we go ahead and restrict create/edit permissions to 'confirm' group?
    • Try to get back to stock groups?
    • let's make a plan of incremental steps and roll-out slowly
    • documentation around when it is appropriate to exercise <x>?
  • translation can also be done with sub-pages (see and

Cleaning up old spam

  • update? - jd and christie meeting tomorrow; update to come out later
  • How should we decide on applications?
    • there seem to be many requests from people wanting an account as a status symbol or because they appear to think it is a job application. Yay or nay?




  • let's find a way to track who is helping with spam and recognize them accordingly
  • "Spam Zapper" badge!
  • Extension:AbuseFilter + regex + tagging users who use a template?
    • I've started playing with AbuseFilter and would love to do this. -- hexmode

Action Items

  • Mark: follow-up on duplicate notification emails
  • Christie: stock confirmaccount templates
  • Christie: start a blog post about helping id and remove spam
  • [Gordon] create / modifiy spam template for users to help us with spam

Tentative Wikimania Agenda

Wednesday, 6 August: Hacking on 1.23 upgrade!

  • Mozilla-izing vector theme
  • Sunsetting gmo theme
  • fixing plugin compatibility
  • how're we doing on spam?

Thursday, 7 August: Hacking on improvements!

  • bots, bots, bots!
  • mobile extension
  • best practices documentation
  • VisualEditor
  • other useful extensions?

Friday, 8 August

  • attend wikimania sessions

Saturday, 9 August

  • attend wikimania sessions

Sunday, 10 August

  • attend wikimania sessions
  • regroup to share what we've learned
  • end of year planning (e.g. distributed wiki sprint)