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List attendees here.

Agenda / Notes

We'll take live notes on etherpad:

Needs / Blockers

If there is anything you need help with in order to make progress on your projects, note it here. If you are stuck on anything, let us know how you are stuck so we can help!

Roadmap Review

Discussion Points

Follow this format:

  • discussion point
    • context/background
    • question to answer, specific request, or thing to decide

Guest Speakers

Use this section for speakers from other areas of the project.

Contribution Opportunities

Use this section to highly specific tasks that are ready for contributors.

  • opportunity
    • context/background
    • skills/experience required
    • how to get started


Call out any decisions that were made in the meeting here.

Action Items / Next Steps

List specific action items and next steps here.

Planned Pushes