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Olli Pettay 'smaug'


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Overview and Motivations

Currently the handling of nsEvents and nsDOMEvents is strange. Platform specific widget code generates always nsEvents, other code may use also nsDOMEvents. When there are event listeners, nsEvents are wrapped in nsDOMEvents.

This all should be cleaned up. Originally the idea was to merge nsEvent and nsDOMEvent, but the other option is to split up them properly, so that nsEvents are used only in the platform specific code. (Note, there are some nsEvent types which can't be converted to nsDOMEvents)

The clean up should lead to code which is easier to maintain and is easier to port to new platforms.

Risks and Assumptions

Needs proper design before starting to implement, but this is more or less just a clean-up, so shouldn't be high-risk.

Schedule and Milestones

After 1.9 is ready :)


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