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Feature tracking bug
  • None yet
  • Still needs lots of design and scope work
  • Anticipated landing is sometime in 2009, with work starting late '08/early '09.

Overview and Motivations

2D acceleration hardware in modern devices (both desktop and mobile) has been stagnant for years. However, most devices produced in the last one to two years have very powerful 3D acceleration capabilities, compared to the 2D counterparts. Gecko should take advantage of these hardware capabilities, both for performance and for visual features.

Risks and Assumptions

  • Assumptions:
    • 3D hardware is the way to go
  • Risks:
    • It's a lot of work.

Work List/Tasks

  • Cairo OpenGL and/or Direct3D backend
  • integration with OS bits (can we draw native widgets etc. quickly)
  • integration with text
  • (eventually) integration with content (CSS 3d transforms etc)

Schedule and Milestones

Describe the rough schedule here.


links to external documents that could inform the design of the feature