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LiveConnect was removed in mozilla-central by rev 516dfcdf9a57.




Overview and Motivations

Both LiveConnect and OJI are both under-maintained and very very old. Nobody knows this code, nobody actively works on issues in the code, and there's plenty of them. They're both used by the Java plugin, and a new Java plugin already ships on Windows and *nix with a completely new plugin that doesn't depend on LiveConnect or OJI. The goal is to completely remove this code from the tree and remove the current #ifdef OJI's that are spread out throughout the tree.

Risks and Assumptions

Schedule and Milestones

For Gecko 1.9.1, since the beginning of opening up mozilla-central for checkins, OJI has been disabled. But unfortunately it's not clear that we can ship 1.9.1 w/o OJI and LiveConnect enabled since there's to date no Mac version of the new plugin. Such a plugin is in the plans, but I don't know what the status is now or in time for 1.9.1.

Finishing this work for Mozilla 2 should be no problem though.

Once bug 435334 is fixed (partly already landed) all the #ifdef OJI code in the tree should be fixed up to a point where building with OJI enabled and/or disabled both work, and the new Java plugin works in either configuration. Once the new Sun Java plugin is available on all platforms it should be a matter of deleting the #ifdef OJI code blocks and cleaning out all OJI references from the build system etc.


New Java plugin download