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This is a wishlist of features for Firefox n/Mozilla 2:

Core Capabilities

  • Extension dependency (warn or retrieve at install time, hierarchical)
  • Security sandbox for capabilities (when you add - java security model)
  • Out of process plugins
  • No browser restart required (for addons, themes, plugins). Dynamic loading and unloading
  • Quick theme preview/switching (no restart required)
  • Runtime characteristics - mem usage, performance impact?

Firefox capabilities

  • Finish UI work for extension dependencies
  • Install for all users versus current user
  • Context-specific add-ons discoverability
  • Native support for add-on locale packs - bug 285848
  • Complete work on conflict resolution - bug 382312

Website Integration/AMO

  • Retrieve GUIDs that you have installed
  • This site wants to get a list of your addons
  • Check if GUID is installed with a whitelist
  • Addon sync service (addons backup/restore to/from website). {Can be more general Fx profile sync service}
  • Maintain a list of conflicting add-ons and warn on install

Update Channels

  • Ability separate release level and sandbox (separate update vector for extensions) [no update available for sandbox'ed items]. Similar to nightly testing channel (custom AUS channel for sandbox or other)
  • Subscribe to different AMO channels (like clearance levels) - perhaps that's too much