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  1. Use OS-default or otherwise dominant embedding APIs
    1. Epiphany's Gecko GTK widget for Gnome
    2. WebKit/WebCore APIs for Mac OS X
    3. MSHTML COM APIs for Windows, or .NET equivalents if necessary (we should strive to maintain, and even to extend, Adam Lock's work).
  2. Use a cross-platform embedding API
    1. Our own XPCOM-based API set
    2. WebKit/WebCore APIs
    3. MSHTML? Non-starter on non-Windows, I think
  3. Hybrid approaches, e.g.
    1. Use MSHTML COM APIs for embedding, navigation, etc. but use standard DOM (XP)COM APIs for the DOM.

Contributions welcome here, please start and cite (with Google Groups links) newsgroup threads as needed.



Using the OS-Default may also have the benefit of easier development for embedders. For example, on Windows, C++ APIs are not the easiest to work with anymore. C# and .NET languages would favor .NET wrapper or COM wrapper. MarkFinkle 22:19, 9 March 2007 (PST)