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Mozilla Club MITAOE
University/College: MIT Academy of Engineering, An Autonomous Institute Affiliated to SPPU
City: Pune
Country: India
Contact Info
Club Lead: Prof. Mayur S Patil
Club Founder: Prof. Mayur S Patil
Website: Mozilla Club MITAOE's Website
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Faculty Mentor: Prof. Mayur S. Patil  

About Us

We are individuals who are passionate about Mozilla and raise awareness about the many benefits of Firefox and other Mozilla products - especially Firefox OS! Firefox Club MIT AOE is a community of such individuals in MIT Academy of Engineering (MITAOE), Pune, Maharashtra, India. We are working to spread the philosophy of Open Web and Open Source among our fellow students who are tomorrow's leaders.

This club aims to:
1) Promote the Firefox and other open source tools among MIT Academy of Engineering and Pune area.
2) Introduce with the Mozilla products and give updates about the Mozilla products and events.
3) Try it's level best to spread the knowledge of the Mozilla Firefox.
4) Organize workshops, awareness sessions as well as hands-on demonstrations of various FOSS and technologies.

Members are expected to:
1) Learn by doing to implement FOSS and technologies.
2) Illustrate public speaking and teaching capabilities.
3) Extend their network which will help them to get an awesome career opportunities.

Outcomes of this club:
After the completion of club activities, people will be able to:
1) Apply open source skills for benefit of career and society.
2) Outline the need of learner by contributing to community as web developer, evangelist.
3) Relate open source and Mozilla mission of open web to interested audience.

You are cordially invited to join with us.



Photos of All Events:
Topic:    MozComp
Contents: Quiz on Open Source and Mozilla related products
Venue:    MIT Academy of Engineering 
Date:     22nd September 2016

Topic:    Ethical Hacking And Cyber Security
Contents: 1. What is Hacking?
          2. What is role of cyber security?
          3. Hands on
Venue:    MIT Academy of Engineering 
Date:     10th September 2016

Topic:    Introducing the Version Control and Git - A Power Player
Contents: 1. What is Version Control?
          2. What is Distributed Version Control System and how it works?
          3. Various players in DVCS.
          4. Why one use Git for his daily work?
          5. Working demo of Git: 
          6. Hands on from Creating Account to Pushing the Contents. 
          7. Where is Git popular ?
          8. How to use it for Firefox Contribution?
Venue:    MIT Academy of Engineering 
Date:     Thursday, 12th August 2015
Topic:    Git & GitHub Session
Contents: Introduction to Git & GitHub as learning to Collaborate is
          the first step towards Opensource.
Venue:    MIT Academy of Engineering 
Date:     Tuesday, 25th February 2015
Topic:    Quality Assurance for Firefox
Contents: Introduction to QA.
          How to conduct and participate in:
          - Smoke Test 
          - Custom Hour Tests
          - Test Days, Bug Verification or Triage Days.
Venue:    MIT Academy of Engineering 
Date:     Sunday, 8th February 2015
Topic:    Firefox: More than a Browser
Contents: Mozilla Firefox & its different features. 
          Why one should use Firefox as a default browser. 
Venue:    MIT Academy of Engineering 
Date:     Saturday, 17th January 2015
Topic:    Inaugural Event 
Contents: Introduction of Club to the College.
Venue:    MIT Academy of Engineering 
Date:     Wednesday, 14th January 2015
Topic:    The Mozcoffee Event
Contents: We all planned the Inaugural Event and the possible roles of each Club Member. 
Venue:    MIT Academy of Engineering 
Date:     Thursday, 8th January 2015
Topic:    Team Meeting and Role Appointment
Contents: Introduction to the club,it's activities & Appointment of roles.
Venue:    MIT Academy of Engineering 
Date:     Saturday, 3rd January 2015
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