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There has been some talk about creating an "Official" suite of Mozilla Developer Tools. This page is intended to be used as a brainstorming "whiteboard" of sorts where we can all jot down and discuss ideas.

What sorts of Developer Tools might we want?


  • User Agent emulation
  • Color eyedropper (hex and rgb colors)
    • include palette creator/colour blender
  • Something that makes complex CSS positioning less painful
  • JavaScript Snippet Sidebar
    • reusable chunks of JS for common functions
      • DOM manipulation
      • visual effects (slides, fades, etc)
      • AJAX methods (call server-side script, parse return object)
  • XUL Snippet Sidebar
    • reusable chunks of XUL/JS for common UI elements
      • UI controls
      • wizard pages
      • pref panels
      • status bar notification widgetry
  •  ???


  • XPI packaging tool
  • maxversion modification tool
  •  ???


  • DOM Inspector
  • JavaScript debugger
  • JavaScript console
  • AJAX Debugger (not sure if this one makes sense at all)
  • HTTP Headers inspector/viewer
  •  ???

Site Testing

  • Validation Tools (XHTML, HTML, CSS, RSS, RDF, etc)
  • Browser feature disabler (Cookies, Cache, JavaScript, CSS, Images, Popups, etc.)
  • Window resizer (640x480, 800x600, etc)
  • AJAX latency emulator
  •  ???

Accessibility Testing

  • Screen reader emulation
  • Visual impairment emulation (colorblindness, screen zoom testing...)
  • Accessibility rules validation
  •  ???


  • AJAX Toolkit
  • DHTML Libraries
  •  ???

Optimization/Cleanup Tools

  • CSS Inspector/Optimizer
  • Markup tidy tool
    • replace tabs with spaces
    • close hanging tags (I'd imagine this to be hard)
    • update depricated elements
  •  ???


  • Best practises & guidelines
  • Pre-built SSL or crypto libraries for public use
  • Penetration testing tools?
  •  ??


  • Developer Reference Sidebar
    • akin to the old DevEdge sidebar, we get this request at lot at MDC
      • XHTML Reference
      • CSS Reference
      • XUL Reference
  •  ???

Existing Developer Tools

Provided as a reference/source of ideas:

Other Example Developer Tools