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Mozilla India Pune Initiative for web Literacy (MILE)


MILE is a digital literacy awareness initiative aimed at educating people who are not aware or moderately aware about internet and the opportunities on it. It is also the first truly mobile Webmaker Meta Club, which aims to water the seeds of a large number of Webmaker Clubs. Under MILE, we collectively focus on different sections of society where there is a need to build a bridge between conventional practices and modern day technology. Using the Web Literacy Map as the raw material, this project helps the speaker Mozillian to focus, decide and lay the standards for the workshop.

MILE team

Our Objective

  • Creating awareness regarding the web and its resources.
  • Educating people using our web resources and tool-kits.
  • Building new communities in rural areas.


Under Project MILE, we have categorized the audience as Beginners, Moderates and Experts.

  • Beginners: The beginners are the ones who have never heard about internet.
  • Moderates: The moderates are the ones who have heard about internet but have never used it.
  • Experts: The experts are the ones who are using internet but are limited to a definite and certain use. This category stresses the need to make them more aware regarding the web and the opportunities on the same.