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Q: What is the Mozilla Labs Apps Project?

The Mozilla Labs Apps project is a big part of realizing the vision that the Web is the platform of the future. It bring apps across your devices and enables developers to build amazing experiences using the technologies they already use and love: HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. Mozilla is the non-profit developer of the Firefox Web browser and a champion of the Web.

Q: What Apps documentation is available?

Documentation for app developers is available on the Apps Developer Community: It addresses concerns of developers from different backgrounds, including Web development, mobile application development and game development. It also provides reference information about the app manifest and APIs, as well as basics of how the Mozilla app marketplace will work.

Q: What is the Apps Developer Preview?

The Apps Developer Preview is a "sandbox" environment to simulate the developer experience of submitting a HTML5 Web app to Mozilla Labs. This test environment gives developers a taste of the work flow of uploading, pricing and selling an app, but it is not a permanent environment. Some features and functionality planned for the product will not be available in the preview. Also, the data a developer adds in the preview will not persist or be saved. When the product is ready to go live, developers in the preview will need to re-upload their apps.

Q: How many people have access to the Apps Developer Preview?

The Apps Developer Preview release initially gives a limited number of 3,000 developers to access HTML5 APIs and marketplace. During the preview period we are looking for feedback and testing as part of the Mozilla Labs Apps project to develop a HTML5 app platform that will work across all modern browsers and all devices.

Q: How are developers selected to access the preview?

Developers are able to register at the Mozilla Labs Apps Developer Preview site at Initially 3,000 people will be allowed access.

Q: Will you let more people into the Developer Preview and when?

Our intent is to formalize this new platform and launch as a product next year. More developers and consumers will be able to use the marketplace with our Beta launch expected in early 2012.

Q: What will the final product be called?

Final branding, user experience and naming for the marketplace are to follow. During the Developer Preview and Beta periods users may see numerous iterations of design.

Q: What Apps documentation is available?

When will users be able to experience Mozilla’s app marketplace?

Users will be able to use the marketplace with our Beta expected in 2012, with a general availability targeted for later in the year.

Q: Are you trying to replace existing app stores?

No. We are providing an alternate marketplace that provides a wide variety of high quality HTML5 apps that work across the widest number of devices and platforms. We are also building a marketplace that puts users needs and experience first before commercial and corporate interests.

Q: Why would people need multiple Web app stores?

Just as we all shop at several stores in our daily lives, we want to provide users the freedom and choice to obtain apps from any source of their choice - be it directly from a developer’s website, a retail channel, a wholesale store, via a friend’s recommendation etc.

We also believe the existence and adoption of multiple app stores will enable a competitive ecosystem that ultimately benefits users. When stores compete, users benefit from better experiences, wider options and will be more in control of where they do their business.

Q: Why should I use Mozilla’s app marketplace?

Mozilla’s app marketplace will help you find apps that work across the widest number of devices and platforms without being locked down to a specific devices or operating system. These apps will also be linked to your user identity allowing you to take them with you should you switch phones or buy a new tablet. We are working hard to ensure your experience is personalized, serendipitous and focused on helping you discover new apps that are relevant to you.