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Mountain View

Please help us make office tours AWESOME! Sign up below to show people around + tell them a little about Mozilla. Tour suggestions are below.

San Francisco

Thank you for volunteering to be one of our lovely SF Tour Guides! Please see here for some tips and info you can use on your tour: SF Tour Guide

Date + Time Organization + Contact Topic(s) Tour hosts More Details
2019-03-11 Linnaeus University, Sweden Tour and discussion of Bay Area technical industry and education Gene Wood
2019-03-15 Faculty of Computer and Information Science, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia Tour and discussion of best practices, know-how and culture in the fields of computer science, information technology and business Gene Wood
 ? Wolf Corp. Robotics (FTC #12525) Basic tour Gene Wood Date hasn't been set yet

Tour Suggestions

  • Start with the basics:
    • Folks like to see the space we inhabit. Everything from our lobbies, kitchens, "play" areas, to where the various groups sit.
    • Make it personal and show people where your team sits + your desk.
    • Explain the background to our conference room names -- Internet memes (3rd floor) + acronyms (2nd floor).
    • Sticker decals on glass separaters (all lifted from + marketing campaigns)
  • Show off our artifacts - current crowd pleasers include:
    • The World Record certificate (Engagement area)
    • The Firefox Crop Circle planning doc (Engagement area)
    • Dino sculpture (2nd floor lobby)
    • Mitchell's fabric works (3rd Floor lobby + All your bases)
    • Launch posters (scattered about)
    • Trophy case (press awards + fan art)
    • racks of minis in RelEng area of 2nd floor
  • Other awesome stuff:
    • Willow Garage Robots
    • "Dashboards" with tweets, etc
    • Snacks (people are always wow'd)


  • Visitors should get a drawstring bag w. a few goodies (working on this).

Other ideas