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Welcome to the Gecko 1.9a1 Community Test Day!!

Thank you for participating in this test day. The success of Firefox and Thunderbird is heavily dependent on community members like you. We appreciate your support!!

When you are done, please send feedback to [1]. We are very interested to hear about how the test day went, any overall thoughts about Gecko 1.9, and roll up of issues found and bugs filed. We are also looking for ways to get more people involved, so any ideas or suggestions on how to make future events more interesting and fun are welcome too! :-)

The official time for the test day is Friday, December 1, 2006, from 7am - 5pm PST, but anyone can jump on Litmus at any time on any day!


Where do I start?

Ok, I am in the channel, now what?

  1. Let the moderators know if you have any questions or encounter any problems. If you are not familiar with our bugzilla bug tracking system, feel free to report your problems to a moderator and they can log any bugs for you.

What build should I test?

We will be testing the latest Gecko 1.9a1 candidate builds:


What needs to be tested?

Suggestions for things to do...

  • Run a smoketest in Litmus, platform of your choice
  • Spend a day doing all of your regular browsing using the Alpha
  • Check webmail and banking sites
  • Explore sites with complex layouts

If you decide to test on your own, please try to make note of any bugs you have looked at, any testcases you have run, and any other info about your testing. When you're done, please email us at [2] with your results.

Remember that this is an early alpha of the next Firefox release, so you may hit some bumps and snags along the way. Be forewarned that the experience on Windows is likely to be better than the Mac.

If you discover a bug or regression that you feel is critical, please let us know on the #testday IRC channel ASAP!

Where do I find Litmus?

  • Go to Litmus
  • log in and then select run tests
  • You can do a smoketest or a Basic Functional Test, it is entirely up to you!
  • Talk to a moderator if you need help.
  • Please make sure to choose the correct platform when you start your run.

Who will be moderating the #testday channel?

The moderator's nicks are:

  • tracy
  • bc
  • timr
  • marcia
  • jay
  • juanb
  • robcee
  • alice
  • coop

How do I file bugs?

First of all, let one of the moderators know so they can check if it is already a known problem. Then they can guide you to either provide more details, update an existing bug or file a new bug. If filing a new bug, please do a quick check to see if the bug already exists. This can easily be done by searching for the error message, window name, or some over identifing feature of the bug.

How do I send feedback?

Please use the [3] to send feedback about how the testday went, any overall thoughts about Gecko 1.9, and roll up of issues found and bugs filed. We really appreciate your help today and your feedback is very valuable.


Once the testday is complete, results will be available here: