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General Goals:

  • Organize successful community events and projects
  • Improve documentation, processes, and tools
  • Get more people involved through outreach

Community Action Plans


  • How to improve Bug Days
    • Feedback from developers
    • occasional developer attendance corresponding to the topic at hand
    • improve attendance in general - need ~5-10 active people.
      • promotion via irc
      • promotion via wiki
      • promotion via qmo
      • word of mouth
      • promotion via blogs
      • promotion via news sites
    • better bugday documentation for planners and participants: Done here Feel free to make any changes that would make it and the Bug Day page better.
    • careful selection of topics that are interesting, fun, and able to benefit from working as a team.
  • How to expand Test Days to other aspects of QA
  • "Mozilla QAC" (QA Community) - Create a presence at major social networking sites (MySpace, Hi5, Facebook, etc). Some groups already exist for Firefox, but need to figure out whether to tap into that or start a QA specific group.
  • "Mini-Projects" - Small, short-term projects that will either help the QA team get work done or allow the community to try out new things and create through learning.
  • Action items page that is closely related to everyday QA tasks for community members to hit anytime

Ideas in Action

  • QMO (in progress)
  • "Mozilla University" - collection of docs and tutorials on how new people can get involved in Mozilla (based on experience with Seneca and other college outreach)
  • Develop strong relationship with (contacted Alex Bishop at mZ)
    • Find ways to work together on Mozilla Support project
    • Engage the community more in the mZ forums
  • Promoting to OS groups and International communities
    • Mac user test group
    • Mozilla Japan localizing QMO and Litmus

Sources we use currently on Testdays

  • When we have a Testday we communicate to the following sources currently
    • Vista Community QA Mailinglist
    • General Community QA Mailing List
    • Newsgroup
    • Mozillazine Forum (section Build)
    • (German Community, see Tomcat to get posts on this forum)
    • QA weblog (\qa)