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Preparing for Bug Day


  • Good topics for bug days allow for steady progress when tackled collaboratively.
    • For Bugzilla: Try to focus bug queries such that bug lists are reasonable in length. Mix up the purpose from week to week. (don't just triage bugs every week)
      • Triage Unconfirmed
      • Dupes
      • Verification
      • etc
  • Suggestions for future topics:
    •  ???
    •  ???


Moderators tracking page for scheduling Bug Day planning schedule

note: don't forget to check the Bug Day Archive page for previously done topics. It's perfectly fine to revisit past topics. The archives page is out of date. We'll start filling it in as we go again.

Changes to the Wiki

  • Adjust the following items on the Bug Day wiki page as appropriate:
    • Topic of the day
      • Copy the last topic, to the Bug Day Archive page
      • Replace the last topic with the new topic
      • Include links to bugzilla queries (tinyurls)
    • Update status report for the last bug day
    • Note who is moderating each session
    • Release being targeted: Update links to the builds to be tested (usually trunk)
  • Update this page with potential topics and schedule them

Promote Bug Days for increased participation

Post announcements to the following areas Tues and Friday prior to each every other Tuesday Bugday:

Specific Instructions

QMO Frontpage

Create an "Event" after deciding on a date for the next Bug Day. Even if the exact bug list is not set, getting this information out starts the community dialog and gives people enough warning to rearrange their schedule (if necessary). Creating an event will display it under "Upcoming Events".

The "Event" from above should be updated with the following information:

  • The date and time of the bug day;
  • What's the purpose of the bug day;
    • Links to instructional documentation.
  • links to bug queries;
  • links to specific instructions on the Bug Day wiki page. (See above)

A reminder blog post should be made right before (one or two days) the actual test day.

QMO Bug Day Article

Create the qmo page for a particular bug day.

Be sure to double-check the new test day page to make sure that:

  • all dates are current and accurate;
  • links docs are accurate;
  • links to bug queries are working and accurate;
  • task specifics and instructions are accurate.
  • Preview to ensure the layout looks good newsgroup & Mailings Lists

  • Post the announcement to the Newsgroup and to our 3 Community Mailing Lists

MozillaZine forums

Post also an article to the MozillaZine forums to publicize our test days. Also use other Community Forums like the German Firefox Community Forum.


  • When appropriate, invite developer(s) to participate
  • Give responsibility to community members


  • hosts/volunteers to help out
  • Bug Day topics