Mozilla Summer Code party @ Erode

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Mozilla Summer Code Party in Erode


The event will start on 2012/06/23 09:00:00 AM till 2012/08/30 05:00:00 PM.


Erode, India, APAC


This event is owned by Gautha91


It is estimated that 500-1000 people will be at the event.


Mozilla enters into schools , colleges , computer centers in and around the Erode Region by a chain of moz events in the upcoming months .This event will lay the foundation for the Mozilla Community Erode.Also, this event helps FOSS and Mozilla to reach persons of all ages and recruit new contributors for Tamil Localization team as well as other project areas.

Bugs Associated

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Event Website :

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Activities Planned

  • The activities and goals involved in this event are ,
  1. Making new young Generation of Web makers
  2. creating Awareness about Mozilla and FOSS in my region
  3. Taking Mozilla to schools , colleges , computer centers in and around Erode
  4. Encouraging students to get signed up for Mozilla Student Reps Program
  5. Forming a Mozilla Tamil Localization team for SUMO , NEMO , etc..,
  6. Forming a Mozilla Community Erode as a unit of Mozilla India
  7. Creating awareness among people about Mozilla and it's Mission
  8. Reaching Software companies and gathering feedback from them about Mozilla Products
  9. Giving free demo and presentation about Mozilla in various computer centers and ensure Mozilla and FOSS products reach everyone joining computer courses

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