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Working Group

List of the people within the working group



Proposal status e.g. draft, pending, aproved



Problem definition the proposal is trying to address.
If possible reference any relevant bugs or examples.

The coming change in the Mozilla domain name structure is designed to help show and identify Mozilla more.

The idea is "to be able to stop using organizations as a basis for our domain name strategy, we need to develop an alternative that uses something else for its structure. There seem to be two main options:

  • Structure a strategy based on product/activity:,,, etc. 
  • Structure a strategy based on everything being a part of Mozilla:,,

Both options have advantages and disadvantages, but they are mutually exclusive so we need to pick one (although we can certainly maintain redirects for any URLs we want)."

Further reading on this proposal (originally by the Web Task Force) can be found on their proposal. Taskforce/Proposals/Domain_Name_Strategy


Outline of the potential solutions to the problem.
Include any proto-types and mockups if relevant.

We should follow the same system as proposed by the Web Task Force.



Steps to be taken to impliment the solution(s) outlined above.

This is a hard one as it will require knowledge of the cms in use, and how to use it in such a manner.

Once a CMS is chosen the details on implimentation should be detailed/documented here for use by other Mozilla Community Sites in the future should they decide to follow our lead.