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Mozilla WebFWD Campus & Developer Meetup


The event will start on 2011/11/14 12:30:00 PM till 2011/11/14 06:00:00 PM.


Bandung, Indonesia, APAC


This event is owned by Fauzanalfi


It is estimated that 50-100 people will be at the event.


Project Mozilla WebFWD Asia Tour 2011 : Indonesia, Singapore & Malaysia


WebFWD (Web Forward) is the new Innovation Accelerator from Mozilla. It's a chance for us to work with builders like you, and for you to work with us and our brilliant mentors. It's about creating open solutions that push the Web forward, together.


Speaker: Diane Bisgeier - Project Manager Mozilla WebFWD

Mozilla Indonesia @id_mozilla, collaborated with Himpunan Mahasiswa Informatika (Informatics Students Organization) Bandung Institute of Technology, arrange a Campus Meetup with Computer Science students in Bandung and also collaborated with FOWAB arranging a meetup with local developer and press in Bandung.

Campus Meetup Multimedia Room, Labtek V ITB Monday, November 14th 2011 12.30pm - 02.30pm WIB

Developer Meetup Potluck Kitchen (Jalan H. Wasid Bandung) Monday, November 14th 2011 03.00pm - 06.00pm WIB

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