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  • Last modified: 2016-02-29
  • Authors: Kyle Machulis (Mozilla)


Currently, NPAPI plugins have no way to know if the browser is running at a CSS zoom level other than 1x. We need an addition to the API that allows plugins to query the current browser CSS zoom level.


We'll need to add a NPNV variable:

NPNVCSSZoomFactor = 23

This value represents the current CSS zoom level of the browser. It will be sent to plugins via NPP_SetValue when the value changes. It can also be retrieved via NPN_GetValue. Since changing CSS zoom levels updates the window properties, this value can be re-queried during NPP_SetWindow or other window property update calls, to see if a zoom change has been made.

Relevant Bugs

Bug 1171182 - Implement browser zoom query in NPAPI