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Clear Private Data Notes

Notes for the Clear Private Data spec.

Overview of current UIs

Type Firefox IE Opera Safari Chrome
Browsing History yes yes yes yes yes
Download History yes yes yes yes yes
Form History yes yes  ? yes yes
Search History yes  ?  ?  ?  ?
Cookies yes yes temporary/all yes yes
Cache yes yes yes yes yes
Active Logins yes yes "password manager" yes yes
Site Preferences yes  ?  ?  ?  ?

In addition, IE has "InPrivate Filtering Data" (what is this?)

In addition, Opera has "delete password protected pages and data" and "bookmark visited times".

In addition, Safari has "webpage preview images", "website icons" and "top sites"

Parameters Firefox IE Opera Safari Chrome
Time Range yes no no no yes
By Site yes (context menu in history)  ??  ??  ??  ??

Type of Data

  • things the user enters, except for credentials (form data)
  • credentials
  • things cached by the UA (pages, preview images, icons)
  • local data stored by the server / web application (cookies, HTML5 local storage, Flash/Silverlight local storage)
  • history information (bookmarks, visited URIs)
  • settings specific to a site (for instance, preferences with respect to privacy, script disabling...)

Time range

Several UAs offer to restrict the clear operation to a time range such as "today" or "last week".


Firefox supports "forget about this site". Other UAs do not appear to support this.

Existing Discussion and Documentation

Mail thread on plugin-futures:

Flash Local Storage:

Firefox issue - clearing local storage with time range: