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  • Last modified: April 27, 2010
  • Authors: Oleg Romashin (Nokia), Josh Aas (Mozilla)
  • Contributors:


The default X event model simply sends a native X event as the argument to NPP_HandleEvent. The extended X event model sends a struct with an event type and an event pointer to allow for events that are not native X events.


As NPEventModelExtendedX will be the first alternative to the default X event model, we'll designate the original model:

  • NPEventModelX (NPEventModel = 2)
  • NPNVsupportsXEventsBool (NPNVariable = 3002)


For documentation on negotiating drawing models, see NPAPI:Models. The event model variables for extended X events are:

  • NPEventModelExtendedX (NPEventModel = 3)
  • NPNVsupportsExtendedXEventsBool (NPNVariable = 3003)

Event Structure

 typedef enum {
   NPXEventTypeXEvent = 0, /* event is native X event */
   NPXEventTypeDrawImage = 1 /* used with NPDrawingModelDrawImage */
   /* this can be extended */
 } NPXEventType;
 typedef struct _NPExtendedXEvent
   NPXEventType type;
   void *event;
 } NPExtendedXEvent;

The events that the browser actually sends will depend on the associated drawing model. For example, if a plugin were to select NPEventModelExtendedX and not NPDrawingModelDrawImage, then the plugin would simply receive the same events as in NPEventModelX but wrapped in the NPEventModelExtendedX structure and of type NPXEventTypeXEvent.