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A wiki about Mozilla Composer, Mozilla NVU, and all the new stuff coming up.

This page needs a good old once-over to link current docs in a better place, provide some good overview text, and remove references to outdated docs. Please inquire within.

Mainly for users

Kompozer is an updated version of Nvu since development has been suspended for Nvu in favor of a future update to Mozilla Composer.

Mainly for developers

Feature requests to go to the nvudev forum?

Where is bugzilla for Nvu? I think there isn't one, just a forum. It doesn't seem to deal with duplicates well, e.g. SCP and SFTP in 100, 170, 198, 259, 440 and 1167. Perhaps we should de-duplicate here?

  • A button in Firefox that runs a wizard to set up links to the site the page is on so it's ready to edit in Nvu.

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