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As this is the month (March) of Women, we Mozilla Nepal will be organizing an event, Namaste WoMoz to launch WoMoz properly in Nepal by gathering some interested female contributors and briefing them about Women empowerment in ICT and how they can contribute/help in the growing community of Mozilla. We will also have other general community discussions.

We know that number of women in ICT sector in Nepal is really less compared to number of men. It is increasing gradually in current time but not as much as it needs to. Is it because they are too shy or is it because they are searching for some platform where they can start from base instead of jumping right into middle somewhere? If that is the reason then we present you this platform specially for women in Nepal. Platform called "WoMoz". An international platform which is a sub-community inside the big Mozilla Community which is working on gathering all female contributors under one umbrella and work unitedly as well as to gather new female contributors from around the world.

Benefits of attending the event:

1. You will get to be a part of a platform which will help you to strengthen your skills in different fields; development, leadership, public relationship etc.

2. You Get to be part of a Global community, that is working for a cause - Making internet a better place.

3. Your idea could be the next big idea at Mozilla(a add-on, an event, a poster design, a creative project ..anything!)

4. Meet like minded people with whom you can collaborate and work with.

5. A step for making ICT a better and comfortable place for all women.

6. You will be mentored by experts in the field of your interest if needed.

So, if you believe on Women & ICT then sign up for the event here.

  • Learn more about WoMoz here.
  • Learn more about Mozilla Nepal here.

Event Details:

Targeted Audience: Anyone (Specially Female) of All over the city/Country

Event Date: 30th March 2013

Event Theme:

  • Introduction to Mozilla to new contributors.
  • Introduction to WoMoz.
  • Discussions on roles of Females in ICT.
  • Discussions on problems women are facing in ICT and try to find some solutions.
  • Motivate new members to contribute in different fields of Mozilla.

Event Speakers: Mozilla Reps, and Firefox Student Ambassadors, Female Role Model from our Country

Hashtag: #womoznp

For more details, please feel free to contact:

Shristi Baral:

Avash Mulmi: