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This project will try to integrate Narro and Silme project with the goal to make easier for translators for the Mozilla project to commit translation needed to Mozilla's mercurial server.


Current Narro version needs SSH keys for comitting files to Mozilla' Mercurial which makes commit must be done manually or using cron tasks. In the other hand, Silme has a support for subversion and mercurial.


  • Bridging L10nObject in Silme and Narro data structure (php-python, use SOAP or JSON?)
  • File format handling to Silme (files not need to be served, e.g:
  • Mercurial hooking in Silme from Narro


  • Narro (trunk) & Silme (version?)

External Dependencies

  • Mercurial


Week 1 
Research on php-python integration
Week 2 
Bridging L10nObject in Silme to Narro data structure
Week 3 
Week 4 
Mercurial Hooking in Silme
Week 5 
Mercurial Hooking in Silme and Narro
Week 6 
Mercurial Hooking in Silme and Narro
Week 7 
File format handling to Silme
Week 8 
Week 9 
User Testing
Week 10 
Docs & Reports

Further Information

Discussions will be held each Monday at 9 AM UTC -7 on #silme in

Contact Romi <romihardiyanto AT gmail DOT com> and Seth Bindernagel <sethb AT mozilla DOT com> or join us in IRC.