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Localization Guideline


Project Priority:

Taking into account the different metrics, such as no. of strings, and time to localize, The following Priority List is maintained and to be followed while translating Mozilla Products to Nepali. These priority list is also determined from the most usable product first approach. However, for special events, one could have focused on a specific project instead of these priorities.

Thus, in general, if you are a regular contributor follow the following priority:

  1. Firefox for Android
  2. Firefox for Desktop
  3. Mozilla Developers Network (MDN)

Basic Translation Guideline

Follow some guidelines like “translate the meaning of sentence rather than literal translations”. The (in)complete set of guidelines are mentioned in our Style Guide:

We also have maintained some Glossary for your help

Firefox for Desktop

Special Instructions

You do not need to translate the following folders listed in pootle

  1. Developer
  2. Tbshared
  3. Others
  4. security1

Firefox for Android

Special Instructions