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Our policy priorities should reflect our existing work (both technical and strategic), inform our engagements with governments and help us, as a community, create the world set out in our Manifesto.

This should involve many of our activities (and this list will evolve, as the policy priorities are established):

Open Web Fellowships

The Open Web fellows could be instrumental in both shaping the policy priorities and helping us realize them. In their roles with civil society organizations, they could be leaders on the ground, mobilizing those organizations and their membership to strengthen and grow our community's capacity from the grassroots.

Technical standards

Technical standards are part of our contribution to the interoperability that makes the Open Web work. Through our participation in the W3C, the IETF, TC39, WHAT WG, and other initiatives, we can ensure we are involved in standards bodies and working groups in areas that affect our policy priorities.

Also, this work lets us model and participate in the kinds of Internet governance we want. We can demonstrate this as evidence in public policy discussions around governance of the Internet.

Identity (Persona / PICL)

We have established a conceptual and technical framework for identity online, which is a recurring issue in policy discussions and proposed legislation. Identity is a topic of research and debate touching many areas of policy: education, health care, online government services. This team's work could be a significant contribution to those conversations, demonstrating what is possible and practical on the Web.

We are also structuring the security model for personal (browser) data in Firefox. Their work can be used as a exemplar to illustrate potential security and granularity models on the Web.

As industry leaders, we can help governments tackle these problems themselves, and construct laws and

Mozilla Science Lab

US Ignite


Cookie Clearinghouse

Web Literacy



Firefox as a whole

Web Forward

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