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This page has been archived and its contents may be out of date.

The Bug List

Necko/e10s bugs with assignees shown

Here is the list with bug dependencies shown


POSTs coming soon. Support for file uploads also moving along.
(Fred's still here working with you guys... The baby is 5 days late as of today)

ProgressEvents have landed.

Mochitests seem to be working with necko/e10s

Bugs that need ownership and/or design help

HTTP Auth prompts assigned to Dan Witte, but not sure he's looked at it yet. I assume he's working on the permission manager stuff, which is more important. Reassign? Are we clear on the design yet, and/or are other bugs blocking this?

nsIWebProgress working?: is this that nsIWebProgress isn't working as a whole, or just STATE_STOP notifications aren't happening? Is this just bug 514705?

JS Crypto How much of this API do we need for fennec? I assume we don't care about smartcard decryption. May need model dialogs for some stuff (signText). Split into smaller bugs and make whatever progress we can?

forward nsHTMLDNSPrefetch. dwitte has lots of other things on his plate, and this looks simple.

Bugs that could use a status update

Necko logic needed for Download manager. Brian Crowder. Status? I sent him an email late last night.

HTTPS securityInfo: Honza

WyciwygChannel cache: Michal

Async redirects part 2: Bjarne

Reviews and other help needed

Async redirect API part 1: need +sr from biesi

Caching patch: I don't know code well, so could use someone to take review. beezees?

Channel classifier should run in chrome process. Already has +sr from biesi, needs review. I'm currently assigned to it, but don't know code well and am busy. Anyone?

Application cache: who knows this well enough to provide feedback on patch?

Serialize nsIFileInputStream: jslr not sure what to do here. How to get mFile and mStream?

Roundtable Issue #1: Should we turn on NECKO_E10S_HTTP=1 by default?

Are we ready?

Roundtable Issue #2: When (and through what process) should we merge to m-c?

Fennec guys really want us to start the merge process. biesi/bz (and bsmedberg) need to sign off on it. When is a good time for this, and how do we want to do the review/merge process?