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Mozilla Communities: Your Community Newsletter

Mozilla Communities (formerly about:Mozilla) is the newsletter that brings you the best in opportunities, news, and more from the Mozilla Community.

The newsletter is contributor-led, meaning that content is collaboratively drafted and created by community and staff alike.

New Release Cycle

The newsletter will aim for a two week release cycle.

All planning will be done on the Guides Journalism Forum.

Please add any comments or requests to this forum.


  • Rotating, low barrier-to-entry contribution activities
  • Contributor profile written by a contributor
  • Privacy Contribution area
    • Responsible: Stacy Martin
  • Teaching and Learning Contribution area
    • Responsible: MoFo + Janet Swisher Amy Tsay
  • Contribution Story (1-2, as needed according to content/interest)
  • Photo of the week (Mozillian Moments)

Responsibility Matrix

Story 1: EOC and Contributors. Determined at standup

Story 2 (contributor profile): Chosen by contributors with help from EOC and others.

Story 3 (privacy): Stacy with contributors

Story 4 (teaching and learning): Contributor will seek out the story and write accordingly

Story 5-6 (contribution stories): Contributors with guidance from EOC

Photo: Contributor

Consulted parties: Larissa Shapiro and Brian King will continue to be consulted on content

How to submit material for the newsletter

What is a Timely Contribution?

A timely contribution activity is an activity within your team that is not part of your regular volunteer cycle. This means it is a one-time activity where contributors can help you achieve your goals. These activities are featured as a way to excite and motivate new contributors to do more for Mozilla or provide more established contributors new opportunities within the organization.

How do I submit a timely opportunity to the about:Mozilla newsletter?


Please fill out this very short form!

I want to recognize a contributor!

Is someone doing awesome work on your team?? Tell us!


jhalperin at mozilla dot com

What is the release schedule?

The newsletter is released every two weeks. The Contribution Activities editor (Jennie) will reach out to you to ask for your opportunity two weeks before the newsletter is released if your activity has been chosen for the newsletter.

Other responsibilities for Newsletter Staff

Maintenance of Facebook, Twitter (accounts can be given out to contributors on an as-needed basis.)



How to Get Involved