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Open Internet Preservation Society

Event details

  • Friday, Nov 9 at Ravensbourne
  • 25-30 participants
  • Think about the long-term open web strategy and scenarios.
  • Release "contingency plans" for each scenario

Confirmed speakers

  • Joi Ito, MIT Media Lab (moderator)
  • Mitchell Baker, Mozilla (moderator)
  • Alexis Ohanian, Reddit / Breadpig (moderator)
  • Hannu Rajaniemi, Author
  • Charlie Stross, Author
  • Daniel Suarez, Author
  • Beth Noveck, formerly deputy CTO of the US / now UK govt
  • Brad Burnham, Union Square Ventures
  • Brewster Kahle, Internet Archive
  • Hilary Hoeber, IDEO - Civic Innovation
  • Issac Mao, Investor/Entrepreneur
  • Yochai Benkler, Berkman Center
  • Mohammed Nanbay, Investor / formerly Al Jazeera
  • Jill York, EFF
  • Ronaldo Lemos, FGV
  • Laura Welcher, Long Now Foundation
  • James Whelton, CoderDojo
  • Maximilian Senges, Google Policy
  • Derek Slater, Google Policy
  • Donatella Della Ratta, Creative Commons
  • Andy Baio, Waxy.org / former CTO of Kickstarter
  • Christina Xu, Chancellor, The Institute on Higher Awesome Studies
  • Muhammad Basheer, CC / Al Jazeera
  • Katharina Borchert, Spiegel Online
  • Michael Maness, Knight Foundation
  • Aleks Krotoski, The Guardian
  • Rob Faris, the Berkman Center for Internet and Society

Schedule for the Day

  • 9h30 Leave hotel
  • 10h00 Arrival at Ravensbourne
  • 10h00-13h00 Workshop in room
  • 13h00 - 14h00 Lunch
  • 14h00 - 17h00 - Workshop in room (we'll probably schedule a short break at some point during this period)
  • 18h00 - 19h00 Visit of Science Fair
  • 19h30 - Pick up for dinner
  • 20h30 - 22h30 Dinner nearby
  • 22h30 - Picked up and driven back to hotel

Invite Text

Mozilla is building an Open Internet Preservation Society – an informal super-team of twenty of the smartest people we can find. We're huge fans of you and your work, and we'd like to invite you to take part.

On November 9th in London, this group will start a global conversation about how the decisions we make about the Internet today will shape the society we live in 25 or 50 years in the future. Hosted by Joi Ito from the MIT Media Lab and Mitchell Baker from Mozilla, the initial conversation will dive into scenarios like:

  • What if we end up with two internets: one fast and unbounded, another with limited capabilities?
  • How does society change if Internet communities become formidable political entities?
  • Or, what happens if sovereign nations take control of the internet and divide it up?
  • What does a world where big data and ubiquitous sensors shape social behavior look like?
  • What does the world with billions more coders and makers look like?

While the scenarios we’ll look at will be fictional, the stakes are big and the implications are real. We believe we need a conversation about the future if we want to design products, education and public policy that will create a connected society that we all want to live in.

We're attacking this questions from every level: from the fate of funny cat videos online to the biggest issues around civic infrastructure and governance. To do so, we're pulling out all the stops to bring together a unique group of participants who will be capable of providing a variety of perspectives for an honest, wide-ranging, and big picture day of discussion. We'd be thrilled to have you join us. It's going to be a great group - the confirmed attendees include Yochai Benkler from the Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Brewster Kahle from Internet Archive, and science fiction author Charlie Stross.

Please let us know by September 19th if you'd like to attend by dropping an e-mail to me! I'm sort of the logistics brain on the event and can get your travel arrangements together as well as answer any questions that you might have.

Excited, Tim


Story drafts due Oct 8, finals due Oct 22


We have a contract designer putting together the program and other materials for this. She's working with Chris Appleton.

Photos / Bios

As of 10/3/12 - we're starting to get these in, Tim is uploading them to this page as they come up: OIPS Photos and Bios

What Happens Next?

We want this to be the beginning of the conversation. We're looking for ways to extend the scenario discussions beyond this event into our global community. That could mean in-person sessions at events like MozCamps, or more online discussions.