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  • Project name:OMG (Outdoor Mappers Guild)
  • One-line description of project: Use your geo-tagged Instagram photos to create or add to lists of cool things in your city.
  • Your team: Jessica Lord, Max Ogden
  • Project URL(s), if applicable:
  • Hashtag, if #relevant:
  • What are you building: Take your geotagged Instagram photos and create lists of awesome things in your community, like lemon trees, rosemary bushes and swings.
  • Who is it for: Everyone who Instagrams.
  • Your goal for this weekend: Demo?
  • Your starting point: Starting from scratch!
  • Anything else we should know: Max is teaching me js!
  • How is this project useful? A fun way to crowdsource civic data sets so that there's more open data available for people who are wondering about things in their city.
  • Where is this project going and what lessons/concepts can be applied to other projects? Both team members are from Code for America and this could be great fun way to get people in CFA cities out and about. The more places the tool goes, the more data gets generated. The data generated can be used for other applications too, and helps model gathering open data for many civic purposes.