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The Mozilla Open Badges (Open Badge Infrastructure or OBI) project is a program by Mozilla that issues digital badges to recognize skills and achievements. The badge structure allows one to display real-world achievements and skills which may help with future career and education opportunities. The OBI allows badge issuers and developers to build badges, and allows online learners to choose from a number of different pathways for development.

Purpose of badges

The badges issued by the Open Badges project are digital indicators of skills learned inside or outside the classroom. Open Badges differ from purely visual representations of badges in that they contain metadata indicating the badge issuer, criteria for the badge, and other information, all of which is hard-coded into the image file itself. The technology supports a range of badge types, developed in conjunction with the badge issuer. Badges may point to "hard skills" such as computer programming, as well as "soft skills" like collaboration or "new skills" like social media and Web 2.0 topics. They can be issued by traditional educational institutions, professional bodies, community learning organizations, after-school programs, or online initiatives (including MOOCs).

Badge issuers

NASA, Disney-Pixar, 4-H,<ref>Template:Cite news</ref> and DigitalMe<ref>Template:Cite press release</ref> have developed badges for the Open Badges project. The ability to issue badges was integrated into TotaraLMS for the 2.4 release,<ref>Template:Cite web</ref> Moodle for the 2.5 release.,<ref>Template:Cite web</ref> and Blackboard for the Service Pack 12 release.<ref>Template:Cite web</ref> Mozilla has additionally stated that PBS, P2PU, Intel and the US Department of Education all plan to issue badges through the Open Badges project.<ref>Template:Cite press release</ref>


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Technical documentation

  • The OBI is built in node.js using express.
  • Badges are represented by JSON data blobs embedded in PNG files in the Backpack
  • Identity management is handled by Mozilla Persona

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