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What is Open Mic?

Open Mic is built around collaboration and participation! Anyone can participate in Open Mic to create more content for your local community, get your ideas shared globally and influence our overall communications strategy.

How to get Involved:

Read the information about Mozilla and encryption below and share your idea(s) using this submission form.

How to contact us:

You can contact the core Mozilla Open Mic team at


Mozilla believes encryption is key to a healthy, secure internet.


One of Mozilla’s founding principles is the idea that security and privacy are fundamental and must not be treated as optional. This is why Mozilla has always taken encryption seriously: it’s part of our commitment to protecting the Internet as a public resource that is open and accessible to all.

We want to make encryption a mainstream topic so everyone understands how important it is. Have an idea about how we can do that in your community or around the world?

Submit your ideas before June 3rd using this submission form!

Your ideas can:

  • Make encryption relatable through popular culture references
  • Catalyze a global conversation about the importance of online privacy
  • Simplify encryption so it can be understood and embraced by a mainstream audience


  • June 3rd: Submission deadline for encryption ideas
  • June 4th through the 7th: Give feedback on ideas using this form [form will be linked when final]
  • June 8th: Feedback deadline
  • June 10th: Mozilla will use feedback forms to analyze and select 1-3 ideas to support from official channels^

^ Even if your idea is not selected to go up on an official channel, it might be a great fit for a certain community channel! This is why we are asking for your email - we would love to empower as many ideas as possible to come to life in different forms.

Key Messaging:

  • There are examples of encryption in every day life and pop culture everywhere if you look for them!
  • Strong security on the Web helps protect your privacy and free speech as well as your every-day life
  • It’s part of Mozilla’s mission to safeguard the Web, and that includes advocating for strong encryption.
  • We want everyone to have a better understanding of how encryption can shape a healthy, secure Internet!

Here are some assets we have used in the past to help make encryption accessible:

A blog on why encryption should matter to users:

Blog by Denelle Dixon-Thayer on why encryption is important for user security:

The official Mozilla encryption site:

A Drive folder with social assets that match the advocacy.mozilla/encrypt site

A few styles of tweets to appeal to and be easily understood by different audiences: