Origin Trials

Origin trials are a way for websites to opt-in to experimental web platform features.

They're similar to Chrome's origin trials.

Current Trials

Currently active trials are:

  • COEP: credentialless: Enables the `credentialless` value for the `Cross-Origin-Embedder-Policy` header.

Requesting a trial for your website

In order to request a trial please click here:

That will take you to Bugzilla with an already-prefilled template where you'd need to fill a few details (like trial name, website origin, whether subdomains should be included, and a suggested expiration date / other details if you know them). A token will be given to you in that bug.

Using the trial token

Once you get a reply with a token, you can use them by serving your page with the relevant header:

origin-trial: your-token

O with a meta tag:

<meta http-equiv="origin-trial" content="your-token">