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Oxidation is a project to integrate Rust code into Gecko and Firefox.

Which components will use Rust code?

  • URL parser: bug 1151899
  • CSS style calculation / bug stylo: Experimental work is in progress to use Servo's style code in Gecko.
  • Replace uconv with encoding-rs: bug 1261841
  • WebM demuxer: bug 1267492
  • …and more will be added as the project progresses!

What is the high-level status of things?

  • Build system support for Rust is available, but not required by default.
  • The MP4 metadata parser is enabled and shipped on release!
  • Rust code is not currently enabled on Android.
  • Rust is scheduled to be *required* on all platforms as of Firefox 53 (after the next ESR).

Raw Rust code (lives in m-c) blockers

Cargo / GitHub blockers

Rust / Cargo nice-to-haves

  • Per-crate integer overflow checking [5]
  • Artifact caching [6]


  • Mozlando [7]
  • Oxidation Nov. 2015 [8]
  • Mozlandia [9]
  • Whistler [10]